Presbyter's Message

Motto for the Year 2017    
"Do All to the Glory of God" 
(1 Cor 10:31) 

October 2017

From the Presbyter's Desk:

Beloved Ones in Christ,

Greetings to all you in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ.One more month God has guided us wonderfully. Let us praise and thank God Almighty. May God strengthen us to come together and worship together in these holy weeks to come. 

The fourth week of this month will be the week of Reformation. Presbyterians celebrate the tradition that grounds their faith on Reformation Sunday in October.This year we will be celebrating the Reformation Sunday on 29th October.

Although the 16th century AD was the age of reformation,the thoughts of reformation were formulated during the 14th and 15th Centuries.Marking the Occasion in 1517 When Martin Luther posted his 95 thesis on Church door in Wittenberg Church, Germany. This historical day has been accepted as the Reformation Day.

1.  Church is a participating Community.
God created us in His own image and gave us the ability to make moral choices.God's ongoing Sanctification of us is a gift for how we live together as the Church responding to God. This is why serious study of Scripture for all people is an ongoing practice in addition to Communal work-ship and celebration of Sacrament.The unity in Jesus Christ is the most beautiful aspect of Christian faith.God is having a sharing mind.This is the best example for fellowship and Sharing

2.  Church is a fellowship Community.
God designed His Churches to be a fellowship, not just a community, but a family of brothers and sisters who share God's ideals and beliefs.Church is a body of Christ.Each of us forms a part of the laity of the church,the body of Christ.Each one of us has to play his or her role to make an impact on the Church.The bible says in Acts20:28.The Reformation makes something Significant for us - the Coalescence of our focus on the Holysprit’s ongoing reform of us as a Church and as individuals.The Church always being reformed according to the Word of God.As Christians our Presbyterians faith began with the followers of Jesus.But the beginning of our Christians faith as Presbyterians in the Reformation. The basic fundamentals of Christian faith are:

1.  Participation _ fellowship Communion

2. Involvement _ friendship Sharing.These are involved in the growth and stand of the Church.These Specialties makes difference in Christian Churches When compared with other Services .If we lose all above Characters, it will become a problem oriented Situation. So we should keep a Strong and deep fellowship and sharing nature, that is Christianity.

Be on guard for yourselves and for all the flock among which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers to shepherd the Church of God which He purchased with His own blood.God eternally exists as father,son, and Holy Spirit. He shared the Trinity. He ordered to ''do this in remembrance of me''The Church is a missionary Society Jesus Feeds Five bread.

We live in a fast paced Society we should grow according to these changes. It is essential for every believer to be an active part of a Christian Fellowship. It is important to share whatever we have with others. We as the Successors of the reformed Church; 

May God give Grace to hold on the Faith Values and continue our journey of Salvation.
The amazing grace of Jesus Christ be with you.

With love and Prayers,
J Mathews achen