Presbyter's Message

Motto for the Year 2020
"The words of the LORD are pure words, like silver refined in a furnace on the ground, purified seven times"
(Psalms 12:6)

February 2020

From the Presbyter's Desk:

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

May the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ be praised forever and ever.

God has been merciful and kind to us, as a church in the previous month. In the past week there was an article in the newspaper about scientists making some new discoveries on two meteorites that fell in 1969. The Murchison meteorite which fell in Australia and the Allende meteorite which fell in Mexico at about the same year, showed traces of ‘pre-solar grains’, which dates back to 7 billion years (scientists claim, our solar system is only about 4.6 billion years old). This is important because, meteorites act as time capsules of the material within them and give us a clue of how old our universe really is.

Now, how is this information relevant to us today? The Bible tells us that God took 7 days to create the universe (He sustained that which was created while He rested on the 7th day). The Hebrew word used for day is yom, but this word need not necessarily refer to our understanding of a 24-hour day. It can also refer to days, years, period, and eon. In short, when we tend to read the Genesis creation story (chapters 1 and 2) superficially, the underlying words and the text encapsulates and possibly refers to billions of years of creation history (2 Pet 3:8).

When God created light by the words of his mouth (Gen 1:3), not only did He create the visible light but also the invisible light (energy in the form of electromagnetic waves). When Jesus said, ‘I am the light of the world’ (Jn 8:12), he was revealing the hidden mysteries (Eph 1:9) and enlightening the hearts of humankind, to understand the glory and power of the Almighty God (Heb 1:3). Just as scientists spend many years studying the mysteries hidden in extraterrestrial matter (it took half a century to figure out this new data from the meteorites), let us not give up studying the Word of God daily and at every occasion we may receive. I sincerely pray that the coming months maybe enlightening to the church as a whole.

In Christ,
Jess Mathew Achen.