Church of South India (contd..)


The petals of a lotus and the arms of the Cross are beautifully inter-wined with a fiery tongue of the spirit and the words ‘That they all may be one’ and the Church of South India are embossed in a circle and the Cross. The central portion of the Cross in the logo is of the idea that it was a sacrifice that was made by Jesus Christ on the Cross.

 The petals of the lotus and the Cross are knitted together with the symbol of the fiery tongue of the Holy Spirit as referred in the book of Acts. It expresses the people’s communion with God. The original colour red (for life) and purple (for purity and ecclesiastical) on the white back drop indicates an impeccable companionship between God and humanity.

The CSI has 15000 local congregations with 50,00,000 members. While majority of the members are in India, Congregation also exists in Sri Lanka under Jaffna Diocese, USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Quatar. Also, CSI members worship in different parts of India including New Delhi, Kolkatta, Bhopal, Bilai, Mumbai and Pune.

Domestically, it participates in a joint council with CNI and Mar Thoma Church known as the Communion of Churches in India.

Present Officer bearers of the Synod

  • Moderator : Rt. Rev. Gyanasiromany Devakadaksham
  • Deputy Moderator : Rt. Rev. G. Dyvasirvadam
  • General Secretary : Mr. M.M. Philip
  • Hon. Treasurer : Mr. Bennet Abraham

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