Church Silver Jubilee

Dignitaries visiting us for Silver Jubilee

Bishop in Madhya Kerala Diocese
Rt. Rev. Thomas K Oommen

Bishop in Mumbai Diocese
Rt. Rev. Dr. Prakash Patole

Bishop Emeritus
Rt. Rev. Dr. Sam B Joshua

The CNI Malayalam services started in Chembur way back in 1971, as a worshiping centre of the Parel Malayalam Congregation and became an independent Pastorate on Oct 11, 1987. The church was blessed with its own place of worship in 1994 and a parsonage in 2005.
The urge to serve and minister God’s work led us to form The Holy Trinity Charitable Society to extend our time & support to the underprivileged and differentially abled sections in and around us namely, Old Age Homes, Orphanages and also to conduct medical camps and render Medical Help to the needy.

Every year we observe ‘Parish Day’ in October, offering ourselves to God Almighty for his goodness, kindness and mercy, through a Thanksgiving service. This year, with renewed focus on our Charity work amongst other goals, the Parish Day will be celebrated on Sunday 14th October 2012 at our church, followed by a public meeting to commemorate the ‘Silver Jubilee’

We have also planned a few projects to commemorate the Silver Jubilee. This includes,

1. A souvenir (including the snaps & details of each family)
2. An audio CD (Hymns, lyrics & convention songs)
3. Missionary support / village church construction
4. Extended Bible classes for youth, children & family
5. Holy Land tour (personal & contributory)
6. Church Website
7. Audio-Visual system installation in our church.
8. Air conditioners installation for our church

The church website has already started functioning and it can be accessed at the web address of Some of the other projects are also nearing their completion.
As we all know ours is a small congregation and finding the financial assistance for such projects meets many challenges. For the first 6 projects mentioned above (except the Holy Land tour), God has enabled us to locate the resources.