CNI Administrators & Social Involvement

Present Administrators
  • Moderator : Rt. Rev. Philip P. Marandih
  • Deputy Moderator : Rt. Rev. Pradeep Kumar Samant Roy
  • General Secretary : Mr. Alwin Masih
  • Honorary Treasurer : Mr. Prem Masih  (Acting)
There are 26 diocese each under the supervision of a Bishop. The main administrative body is the Synod which meets once in three years to elect a presiding Bishop called the Moderator and an executive committee. The Moderator is the head of the CNI.

CNI jurisdiction covers all northern states in the Indian Union. It approximately 12,50,000 members with 3000 pastorates and 26 dioceses.

Social Involvement
Social Involvement is a major emphasis in the SNI. There are Synodical boards in-charge of various ministries namely:
  • Secondary, Higher, Technical and Theological education
  • Health services
  • Social Services : Rural development, literature and media
There is also Synodical programme office which seeks to protect and promote peace. The CNi currently operates 65 hospitals, 9 nursing schools, 250 educational institutions and 3 technical schools.

The CNI participates in many ecumenical bodies as a reflection of its commitment towards Church unity.

Domestically, it participates in joint council with Church of South India and the Mar Thoma Church known as Communion of Churches in India.

It also is a member of National Council of Churches in India.

Regionally, the CNI participates in Christian Conference of Asia and on a International level, the World Council of Churches, the Council for World Mission, World alliance of reformed Churches, World Methodist Council and in full Communion with Anglican Community.

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