HTC History

The parent church of all CNI Malayalam congregations in Mumbai is St. Mary’s Church at Parel. As the members from Chembur increased during the seventies it was decided to have a worshipping Centre at Chembur. Rev. V.V. Mathai of St. Mary’s Church Parel started the first Holy Communion Service on 3rd February, 1971 at St. Antony’s School, Chembur. The enthusiastic and passionate Services of Rev. T.C. George in organizing Sunday worship during the initial days was of paramount importance.

On 11th October 1987; Chembur became an independent pastorate with Rev. Eapen John as Parish Priest with the blessings of then Bishop Rt. Rev. (Dr.) S. B. Joshua. Chembur Parish at that time had 59 members from Chembur, 36 members from Kalyan and 12 from New Mumbai. 
Worshipping Services
Chembur Parish’s, worshipping services began at St. Anthony’s School, Chembur. It is worth mentioning the whole hearted support extended by St. Anthony’s Convent for using their premises. However due to Govt. restriction on using the Govt. aided schools for religious activities, we shifted to may locations and worshipped at many places including Lokmanya Tilak School, Tilak Nagar; Assemblies of God Church, St. Anthony’s Sports Club, Christian faith home and Shree Narayana Guru High School.
Pastorate formations at different locations
Kalyan Pastorate:
With time, the strength of the Suburban members increased and it became imperative to have a separate parish at Kalyan. In April 1992; Kalyan became an independent pastorate.

Holy Trinity CNI Malayalam Church dedicated at Chembur
Through the tireless effort of our members we established our present church at Sita Estate Complex in 1994. On 20th February 1994; Rt. Rev. (Dr.) S.B. Joshua dedicated the Church for our worship.

Jubilee Church (Malayalam) at Vashi
For the convenience of our members at New Bombay a worshipping Centre was started at St. Mary’s School, Vashi in Nov. 1987. Jubilee Church was dedicated in October, 2001 and our members at New Bombay started worshipping at Jubilee Church from 4th November, 2001. However our New Bombay worshipping centre stayed as part of this pastorate till 2004 March and then it became aligned as Jubilee Church (Malayalam). 
Jubilee Church (Malayalam) also manages a worshipping Centre at Panvel.

Holy Trinity Charitable Society
Holy trinity charitable society (HTCS) was formed in April 1995 as an extension of the church mission. The society is extending financial assistance to needy people and organizations in and around Chembur. In the year 2005, we could own and be blessed with a Parsonage in Chembur locality.

Activities of Holy Trinity Church

Silver Jubilee Projects, Thanksgiving Service & Public Meeting

It is a subject of delight to each one of us to have completed 25 years as a Holy Trinity CNI (Malayalam) Church member. Accordingly, about a year back (October 2011) it was proposed to celebrate the Silver Jubilee Year with certain projects like adopting a village as Jubilee Mission, conducting a Vacation Bible School, building a Church website, making a Silver Jubilee commemoration Audio CD, conducting an Holy Land Tour and releasing a Silver Jubilee Commemoration Souvenir.

The first Project was the the launching of church website which was launched on the 24th Parish Day on 9th October 2011. The website (www.holytrinitychurch-chembur) enabled the Church to update Parishioners about the development and other activities being carried out by the Church.

Borichipada Mission
Our church is keen on missionary work and a missionary from Mumbai Diocesan Missionary movement is being supported by our Church. Our thirst for focused village missionary work has taken us to Borichipada village about 70 KMS from Chembur on Nasik road near Shahpur.
“Borichipada Mission” with the support of Maharashtra Village Ministry (MVM) and Mumbai Diocesan Missionary Movement (MDMM) was considered as constructive Project which supports the
need of the village Christians for a Church of their own. By the Grace of God, Chembur Church supported the building of the Church which was dedicated for the Glory of God on the 6th of October, 2012 by Bishop Rt. Rev Dr. Prakash D. Patole.  At Borichipada, we have a group of more than 100 Christians.

Other than supporting the building of the Borichipada Church we also intend to support one of the home missions of Madhya Kerala Diocese (MKD) i.e. Adoor Mission and is supposed to be the oldest Home mission.

Thanksgiving Service & Public Meeting
Our October 14th 2012, Thanksgiving Service was well attended by the members of CNI Malayalam churches from all over Mumbai. The service was led by BisThe Rt. Rev. Dr. Prakash D. Patole, Rt. Rev. Thomas K. Oommen & bishop emeritus Rt. Rev. Sam B. Joshua.

Facelifting of the Church
Face lifting of the entire church Building with Altar paneling (Rear Doss), flooring and Air conditioning of the church, etc were carried out.
In addition the audio systems in the Church were upgraded to a high definition (HD) audio system which was dedicated on Easter Sunday 2012.

Important events to remember
1. 3rd February 1971 . . . . .  Holy Communion Service started at Chembur under St. Mary's Church, Parel
2. 11th October 1987 . . . . . Chembur Worshipping Centre becomes a Parish
3. November 1987 . . . . . . .  Worshipping Centre at Vashi started
4. April 1992 . . . . . . . . . . .  Kalyan Parish bifurcated from Holy Trinity Church
5. 20th February 1994 . . . .  Holy Trinity Church at Sita Estate dedicated
6. January 1999 . . . . . . . . . Regular HC Service started at Navi Mumbai
7. 1st April 2004 . . . . . . . .  Navi Mumbai Worshipping Centre bifurcated from Holy Trinity Church
8. 14th October 2012 . . . . . Celebrated Silver Jubilee of the Holy Trinity Chembur Church