Key Dates in Christian History

 AD 33Pentecost – Holy Spirit Calls
 AD 60 – 100Four Gospels were written
 AD 70Jerusalem destroyed; Rome’s influence on Christianity grows
 AD 312Emperor Constantine embraced Christianity; Christianity becomes state religion
 AD 325Council at Nicea produces a Creed, modified the Council of Constantinople
 AD 381The Nicea Creed claims Christ to the one being with the Father
 AD 410Rome falls, Roman Empire in the West to crumble
 AD 800Church & state re-unite under Charlemagne; Europe becomes Christian door
 AD 1054Western & Eastern Catholism separate
 AD 1517Luther begins the reformation & the Protestant Church breaks away
 AD 1534Henry VII declares himself as the head of the English Church
 AD 1559The Elizabethan settlement established the Church of England
 AD 1611The authorized version of the Bible is published for all to read
 AD 1662A revised book of common prayer becomes laws for all to use in worship
 AD 1689The Toleration Act gives religious freedom to all Protestants
 AD 1790The Methodist revival brings Evangelicalism to the Church of England
 AD 1829 All restrictions on Catholics are lifted
 AD 1830 Anglo-Catholism becomes an influential movement in Anglicanism
 AD 1859 Darwin’s Origin of Species sent shock waves to the Church
 AD 1860 Liberationism grows in all denominations
 AD 1910 A World Missionary Conference sows the seed of Ecumenical Movement
  AD 1962 The second Vatican Council blows a wind of change through Catholism
 AD 1960 Charismatic renewal affects all denominations

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