Parish Silver Jubilee Updates

    Church Silver Jubilee Projects & Status

    A year long Silver Jubilee projects of the Holy Trinity CNI (Malayalam) church was proposed and accepted in the AGM held on 7th August 2011, and they were…

    a.     Adopting a village as Jubilee Mission - the Church

    b.     Vacation Bible School – the Sunday School

    c.     Church Website – the Youth Movement

    d.     Silver Jubilee Commemoration Audio CD – the Choir

    e.     Holy Land Tour – the Women’s Fellowship

    The basis of this proposal was – one project for each organizations of the church and a major project to be done by the church as a whole. Soon the Silver Jubilee Sub-Committee was formed and started working towards the goal. Need of a commemoration souvenir is also accepted and included as a project.

    Website launch: As an inauguration of the Silver Jubilee projects, God almighty has enabled us to inaugurate our website on the 24th Parish Day.

    Face-lifting of the church building: Though it was not a proposed project in the beginning, many of the youngsters in the church felt the need of a face lifting of the church building and thus on Easter Sunday – a new sound system was installed in the church, followed by air-conditioning the church after few Sundays. Now ours is the first fully air-conditioned church in the Diocese of Mumbai – thanks be to God. Flooring of the church was more than fifteen years old, thus new flooring was done. Altar-paneling of the church will also be done in the first week of October.

    Borichipada Mission: An achievement of the Silver Jubilee so far and will be seen in ‘Borichipada Mission’. Adopting a village was nothing more than supporting a missionary, in the primary discussions. Since the church was supporting a missionary for more than two decades, something more ‘constructive’ is suggested and after lot of inquiry and probe, the Borichipada area is finalized – an adivasi/dalit village, about 70 kms from Chembur, on Nashik road, near Shahapur. The support of (Maharshtra Village Ministries) MVM and MDMM is worth mentioning here. The prior need of the village Christians – a church of their own – is lit by the grace of God through His children at Holy Trinity church, Chembur. The church will be dedicated for the glory of God on October 6th and the key will be handed over during the Silver Jubilee public function. We have a group of 90 Christians there and 38 more were baptized on the September 8, 2012. Our church and charitable society are always keen at supporting the people at Borichipada. Medical and educational assistance in future are being planned for that area.

    Souvenir: Silver Jubilee commemoration souvenir reflecting the 25 years (pastorate/Holy Trinity church) + 16 years (worshipping centre) of the existence of the church has reached the final stage of its preparation. Member’s family photos and other elements are also included.

    Song book & CD: Songbook named ‘Spiritual Melodies’ containing more than 400 songs is ready now. It is very carefully selected and edited, and will surely be a blessing in our family and other prayer meetings. Audio CD containing 12 songs is also getting ready.

    We hope to release both the songbook and CD during the Silver Jubilee public meeting.

    Extended Bible Class: Though we could not conduct VBS for our Sunday School children, extended Bible classes led by the VBS ministry team for two days were conducted.

    Holy Land Tour: Since this project needs more investment and time, we have decided to conduct the same as a post-silver jubilee project.

    Honoring the senior members: All our senior members of age above 70 years will be honored during the public meeting with a ‘ponnada’.

    Now, looking forward for your presence and prayers for the Jubilee thanks giving service on 14th October, 2012.

    Pray fervently… Let thy name be praised…