Samaritan Woman

Instruction: Read John Chapter 4 or visit the Church Website (text vary in different versions)


2      The Pharisees heard that Jesus made and baptized more _______ than John.

4      Jesus wanted a what?

5      A Samaritan _______ came to draw water.

6      Jesus told the woman to call her what?

8      Whoever drinks of this well water will do this again.

12    What is Jesus offering the woman at the well? (Two words, no space; 4:14)



1     True worshipers will worship the Father in this. (Three words, no spaces)

      3     Who gave the Samaritans the well?

      7     It turned out that Jesus had to go through ________ to reach His  


9     Had she asked, Jesus would have given the woman this kind of water.

    10    Jesus' disciples went into the what to buy food?

    11     Whoever drinks of the living water of Christ will _______ thirst.

Answer to this Puzzle