Jesus & Disciples

Instruction: Read John Chapter 13


4 Peter excitedly told Jesus that He should wash not only my feet, but my hands and my _____.

7 A servant is not greater than his _____.

11 Jesus told the disciples that He was going away; but now He is giving them a new _________.

12 The followers of Christ were told to ____ one another.

13 The ______ put it into Judas' heart to betray Jesus.


1 Peter told Jesus that He would never do what? (Three words; no spaces)

2 Jesus told the disciples that what He was doing they would not what?

3 The _______ would not sound until Peter had denied Jesus three times.

4 5 Jesus said to the disciples that they call Him ______ teacher and Lord and so He was.

6 Jesus told His disciples that they were _____; but not all of them.

8 Jesus gave the dipped bread to this man.

9 Jesus prepared to wash the disciples' what?

10 Jesus knew He was going to ____.