Reji Jacob's Profile

Mr. Reji Jacob is admired as a teacher, trainer and counsellor. He has a degree in B.Sc Psychology, M.A Counselling and M.A Economics. He is a renowned trainer and is in this field for more than two decades. Each year he addresses audience in India and abroad.

He also holds the responsibility of the Executive Director of AFFERM (Absolute Faculty and Family Enrichment Mission), a charitable social organization. The programmes are focused on family, young couple, teens, institutions, corporates and NGOs. He trains people in leadership to excel in their respective fields.
He is a well known devotional singer and has authorized many albums. He is the author of the book titled “Niram Mangatha Dambatyam” and his second book “The Chemistry of Love” is nearing completion.

His philanthropic nature has helped many youngsters mould there lives and over the years many have benefited from his sessions on Personality Development, Motivation, Leadership, Stress management, Paradigm Shift etc. He also conducts counselling training programmes in schools and colleges for the students as well as teachers for a holistic development. He is a mentor and is instrumental in setting a rhythm in the lives of the people - be it in the family, the work place, or in person. Much of his skills were acquired under years of guidance from renowned personalities at CMC Vellore and Haggai Institute, Hawaii. He is a familiar face in some of the well rated television channels.