Tears of Spice & Joy

16th February 2014: 

Rev. Sajeev Sugu Jacob helped the Youth Members indulge into their best experience ever; In the kitchen-at Parsonage. Almost 15 Youth Members, under the guidance of Mrs. Elizabeth Jacob, Pristy Kochamma and Sajeev Achen toiled for five hours to finally bring out our special, much-awaited  lunch.

First of its kind, Achen encouraged each and every member to come try their hand out in helping each other in various kitchen activities which is nowadays a very essential activity that we need to know. Peeling Onions, cutting Vegetables, Gingers, Chillies, cleaning up the meat, kneading of the dough were all done by the Youth Members, (Of course with a little help). Chicken curry, Chapatis, Salad, Pulav, Scrambled Eggs, Papad etc. graced the dining table with the hard-works of all the members.

As, Ecclesiastes 9:7 says, ‘Go, eat your food joyfully and drink your wine happily because God has already accepted what you do.’ I believe even God had mercy on the Youth Members and he could see the struggle and hunger on our faces, four hours after Lunch time. At 5.30PM, when the food finally arrived we heaved a sigh of relief as we could finally relish on the meal.

Our Achen’s sweet endeavor nevertheless turned out to be a bit spicy. The food tasted great and showed a sign of togetherness and team-work. Now, I believe, the entire Youth group appreciates the efforts taken by our mothers and fathers to constantly feed us twice/thrice a day, every day.

Youth Fun-Day turned out to be quite a success, although physically draining, this day turned out to be a day every member shall cherish. Specially thank, Mrs. Elizabeth Jacob, Achen and kochamma for the help and advice given, also the members would like to thank our sponsors, Mrs. Daisy Jacob and Mr. P. Philip Mathew. I believe this is one of the various activities our Achen will be most remembered for. Hoping to see many such events in the future.


Joel Jacob,
Youth Secretary