Youth Retreat 2013

‘Is he doing a good job?’, ‘Is he building a strong Church?’, ‘Are you a part of his Church?’

The Youth Retreat 2013 on the 4th-5th November was something which was definitely worth waiting for.  The Youth along with the guidance of Mr. and Mrs. James David and Achen/Kochamma  were able to visit the peaceful Anchalkar Resort, a few kms. from Karjat station. Although most members complained of the bumpy ride from the station to the resort, we were welcomed by a quiet, serene, clean and a beautiful place where two days would be worth spending. 

 A quick breakfast got us started with the morning worship led by achen & youth members, followed by first of the three sessions conducted by Pastor. Santosh Johnny. Splitting us into two groups, he gave us a small activity and kick-started the session on a real good note. ‘Retro-faith’ being the theme of the Retreat, we shared experiences on how God is building a strong/new Church( in Heaven) and whether we stand a chance to be part of the Church or not. Quiet an eye-opener, as hardly few members had answers to that question. As we pushed ahead towards the next session, Pastor Santosh’s colleague, Mr. Rajesh shared his insight on how life was in the Submarine and also on how Leprosy was considered a sinful disease and what the Bible has to say about it. After a magnificent Lunch including Rice, Chapatis, Dal, Fish, we moved down to the lawn where we had a final session with Pastor Santosh- the most serious of all, where we were asked about where we stand in the view of God. Even the breeze left our side as Pastor Santosh spoke to us about various serious acts that, we need to do for the kingdom of God and other acts that God expects from us. Will we face wrath if the world ends today or will we be saved? Questions went around and we realized, how little we are to his Glory and Might. Pastor Santosh prayed for every individual separately as he cloaked us with the imaginary robe. Quiet a special moment indeed. 

 At around 1630 hours, we had our final prayer and vote of thanks where we bid the speakers good-bye and proceeded towards a ‘much-awaited’ fun time. A short game of Football, a trip to the River and a dip in the swimming pool ended our evening as it rained on us after a warm, hot day. Was the rain supposed to pour? Or was it some sort of Guilt-cleansing, Pastor Santosh spoke about? I believe, not many, paid heed to the rain. After a shower, we all gathered to spend some more time with the Lord through an Evening Worship Service led by youth and with Mr. James David who shared his insights on the retreat topic. We split for dinner by 2100 hours and to our surprise had a bonfire prepared for us to enjoy. Unlike the things burning around in the city, the Bonfire had a quiet, peaceful characteristic about itself and we all sung around it for an hour. After this long and tiring day, we all split into our rooms and ended the day.

Noises/Voices woke all members up the next morning as we had a very special day planned ahead of us- A trip to the Tata Hydro-Electric Power Plant. A Shower, Prayer, Breakfast and we were all ready to take a bumpy 10 kms. ride to the Power Plant, thanks to Mr. James David. Quite a lot of things we saw as we went up a cable car, stood around a dam watched gallons of water gush out of the plant in no time. As time passed by, we quickly rushed back, had Lunch and packed our bags for our journey back to reality. Only question was, ‘Was there something new in us after the Retreat?’. We departed from Karjat at around 1600 hours and were home by 2100 hours.

Tiring as it was; It’s the joy of being together as a Youth Group which keeps us bound to each other, although most of the members couldn’t make it, it was still a delight knowing that 15 Youth Members were part of the Retreat. Hoping next time, we grow to 20+. Specially, I would like to thank Mr. James Uncle and Jaithra Aunty as they helped us with accommodation, Speakers and also arranged the trip to the Power-Plant. But, above that, I would also like to Thank Achen and Kochamma who were tolerant of us and very patiently tolerated the young bunch of Youth Members.

So, as Pastor Santosh had asked, let’s ask ourselves. Let’s ask all members of this Church.

 ‘Is he doing a good job?’, ‘Is he building a strong Church?’, ‘Are you a part of his Church?’